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I am excited to share with you unique Artwork and Design created by me.

I use my art and photography in digital design and for those who know me, I LOVE color and all things bright.  

I have a wide range of products available including -  Gift Ideas, Home Decor, Wall Art and more.

If you would like a product personalized please contact me at

Sabine ShintaraRose Art

Sabine ShintaraRose Art


Quality Wall Art and Prints

Dolphin Delight - No Limits 8 x 24 set of three Canvas Wall Art - ShopVida ShintaraRose Art

This 8 x 24 Set of Three Canvas Print is  available at ShopVida.

An elegant accessory for any season

shopVida light weight 100% Merino Wool Scarf colour burst Shintararose womens fashion designer

Merino Wool, Cashmere and Modal Scarves.

ShopVida pride themselves in Zero Waste - Global Impact. 

Quality Guaranteed.

Home Decor

Pegasus Golden Ray Square Glass tray Home Décor ShopVida designed by ShintaraRose

My designs include Artwork created by me, photography, digital design and mixed media concept.

On The Edge

ShintaraRose On the Edge oblong cushion shopvida home decor Vida Art Design

Matte and Luster oblong and square cushions.

Table Decor Sets

Table decor glass trays ShopVida ShintaraRose Art

Glass Trays, Table Runners, Coasters, Napkins

Touch of Paradise

ShintaraRose digital design touch of paradise glass oblong tray shopvida Vida Home Decor tabeledecor

Glass trays add a stunning touch to the table, available in round, square and oblong.

Summer Fashion

Womens fashion sheer wrap ShopVida ShintaraRose Art and Design

Add elegance and style to your wardrobe with this new design available now.

Scarves - Cashmere, Silk, Modal, Mini

womens fashion scarves, designer fashion shopvida shintararose art

Stunning luxurious touch of class.

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Electro Sheer Wrap

Womens Fashion Sheer Wrap ShopVida ShintaraRose

Add elegance and style to your wardrobe with a Sheer Wrap

100% Polyester

Butterflight Tote Bag

ShopVida Tote Bags online designer fashion accessories designed by ShintaraRose

This strong and sturdy Tote Bag is a lovely gift idea. Weather-resistant 100% natural cotton bull denim straps.

Home Decor

Home Decor Luster square pillow Rustic Autumn Shop Vida ShintaraRose

Home Decor and Table Decor Sets

Table Decor

Table decor, table runners, napkins and coaster sets, ShopVida, ShintaraRose Art and Design

Runners, Coasters and Napkins


Quality Fleece Blankets

Home decor bedroom decor fleece blanket 'Ray of Sunshine' zazzle shintararose online shopping

Small, medium and large fleece blankets and throw blankets

Joy Of My Life Baby Blanket

Zazzle Baby Blanket expression 'joy of my life' pink rose, baby shower ideas, ShintaraRose

Pegasus Starburst Baby Blanket

Zazzle Pegasus starburst baby blanket, ShintaraRose, baby shower ideas, pregnancy

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CAFEPRESS - Curtains, Shower Curtains, Bath Mats and more...

Gift Ideas

puzzles illuminus fire dragon mystical shintararose cafepress rainbow energy violet flame

Clocks|Wall Decor

home decor wall clock joy love rose pink blue Cafepress shintararose

Duvet Covers|Pillow Cases

home decor bedding duvet cover brushed polyester microfiber cafepress shintararose bedroom sunshine

Keepsake Boxes

keepsake box jewellery box pegasus aqua cafepress shintararose gifts

Electronic Accessories

Laptop skins electronic accessories rose CafePress ShintaraRose blue pink

Throw Cushions|Duvet Covers|Bath Mats|Rugs

Home decor throw cushions, ShintaraRose, CafePress

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