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Inspiration A Gift For All Of Creation

Above and Beyond Imagination

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Sabine ShintaraRose - Whispers In The Wind

I call myself an intuitive artist, my name is Sabine, I am ShintaraRose Art. I was born in Belgium in 1968 and in 1971 my parents made the big decision to move to Australia to give my brothers and I a chance of a better life. For the most of my youth I grew up in a small town called Beenleigh located between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. My creative influence comes from Mum and Dad.  My artistic influence from my imagination, meditation, higher self.  My passion, horses,I am intrigued with the mystical and love being out in nature, barefoot of course.

My experience

 I must say that I feel that it was an affirmation that I read in Dr. Wayne Dyers ˜Wishes Fulfilled' that activated a gift deeply hidden within me.  Healing the deepest wounds.  The affirmation is my first creation on canvas and now hangs in my bedroom, it is great to have the affirmation in view every day it helps me get back on track, especially when those negative thoughts begin to sneak in.  For approximately 15 years, I have studied, explored  and developed my psychic abilities.  Learning to communicate with my guides, connecting with the Angelic Realms to give me an understanding of who .I am

Be Inspired Today 


With honor and in loving memory of Wayne Dyer this painting is for sharing only.  I wish for you, that the affirmation ignites your flame, your burning desire and brings you the strength, courage and confidence to follow through on your inspiration and ideas.

Inspiration A Gift For All Of Creation - Pegasus Vortex

Above and Beyond Imagination

My creations - Above and Beyond Imagination as I connect with the mystical realms.  

We are at a time in the planets history where humanity is shifting into the 5th Dimensional, Christ Consciousness, way of being.  

I have been intrigued with the metaphysical, gaining insight through meditation, books I read, music I listen to and courses I attend. 

Ever since I can remember I have known that we are more than just flesh and blood and that there is more going on than the physical eye can see, something greater than we could ever imagine. 


Throughout my journey of self-empowerment, healing and self-awareness I have felt the presence of my angels, spirit guides and power animals that are here to assist along the journey.  

My experiences throughout the years, the unexplained phenomena and the miracles have brought me into an amazing awareness that we are greater than we have been made to believe. 

I create my art from visions I receive during Meditation or Mother Earth Healing that I do in the privacy of my home. 

Healing is my intention for the work I create, opening hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities that are open to us all at such a crucial time on the planet.  

Knowing that we are more than what we have been conditioned to believe sets us free from the limitations that have been set upon us.


You Are The Love And Light    

In Time All Will Heal And Peace Will Be With You

Spirit Of The Horse Keeping The Dream Alive