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I am excited to share with you Creations From The Heart.

My art is created from visions I receive during meditation.

I use my art and photography in graphic design and for those who know me, I LOVE color and all things bright.

I never would have thought that I would be doing Art and Design, but then I guess I have always been creative and I am grateful that Mum and Dad were always busy creating something amazing!!

I now have a wide range of products available including -  Gift Ideas, Home Decor, Wall Art and more.

If you would like a product personalized please contact me at sabine@shintararose.com.au.

Heart Flame Activation

 I must say that I feel that it was an affirmation that I read in Dr. Wayne W Dyers ˜Wishes Fulfilled' that activated a gift deeply hidden within me,healing the deepest wounds.  

The affirmation is my first creation on canvas and now hangs in my bedroom, it is great to have the affirmation in view every day it helps me get back on track, especially when those negative thoughts begin to sneak in.  

For approximately 15 years, I have studied, explored  and developed my psychic abilities.  Learning to communicate with my guides, connecting with the Angelic Realms to give me an understanding of who .I am


I wish to share this Heart Activation Affirmation with you in honor and in loving memory of Dr. Wayne W Dyer.

"Please note this Painting is neither for sale and not available for reproduction".

Inspiration A Gift For All Of Creation - Pegasus Vortex

Inspiration A Gift For All Of Creation

My creations - Above and Beyond Imagination as I connect with the mystical realms.  

We are at a time in the planets history where humanity is shifting into the 5th Dimensional, Christ Consciousness, way of being.  

I have been intrigued with the metaphysical, gaining insight through meditation, books I read, music I listen to and courses I attend. 

Ever since I can remember I have known that we are more than just flesh and blood and that there is more going on than the physical eye can see, something greater than we could ever imagine. 


Throughout my journey of self-empowerment, healing and self-awareness I have felt the presence of my angels, spirit guides and power animals that are here to assist along the journey.  

My experiences throughout the years, the unexplained phenomena and the miracles have brought me into an amazing awareness that we are greater than we have been made to believe. 

I create my art from visions I receive during Meditation or Mother Earth Healing that I do in the privacy of my home. 

Healing is my intention for the work I create, opening hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities that are open to us all at such a crucial time on the planet.  

Knowing that we are more than what we have been conditioned to believe sets us free from the limitations that have been set upon us.


You Are The Love And Light    

In Time All Will Heal And Peace Will Be With You

Divine Creations

Blue Ray Beam

Blue Ray Beam 2014

In 2014, whilst admiring another sunset at Banksia Beach, Bribie Island.  I witnessed together with a friend of mine what I call the Blue Ray/Beam.

In the distant skies behind the Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast, Australia a very bright star appeared to the left of the mountains.  

The star separated into three, joined together, separated and joined together one more time, then a streak of bright white light began to descend to the earth, in the meantime this scenario had begun to the right of the mountains.  

As the light got closer to the earth a fireball of light extended down behind the mountain and it appeared to connect with the fireball of light on the right.

As this process completed a blue ray beamed from star to star.  At the time this was happening, I asked in my mind what was happening, the reply - 'healing energy for the planet'

In 2016 I came across Diana Coopers' Ascension Cards, Accelerate Your Journey To The Light.   Ray 8 - Blue Topaz - the ray of deep transmutation - great change in the New Age.

Lonely Waters

Lonely Waters

I love nature!!! 

Created with pastels capturing serenity Mother Earth offers us.

Connecting with Mother Earth has been a part of life for many Indigenous people and for truth seekers, she is the best medicine.

Our mother is sacred, forever evolving mountain of change.

Providing water, food and shelter in its purity.

I can understand how the Indigenous must have felt when they saw their waterways cut off by fences, farmers and governments claiming land as theirs, persecuting those who would trespass.

I recall how free and open Australia was in the 70's, travelling for miles on dirt roads,  not a house or building in sight, just beauty and serenity.  There were not as many boundaries as seen now in 2018.

My heart calls for the land of freedom, be gone with boundaries!!

Water, food and shelter be plentiful for all that dwell upon this sacred ground.  

Restoring and replenishing every microbe, molecule, atom and neutron to its perfect alignment. 

Restoring Highest Love one thousand fold.

Restoring Unity and Righteous 

Restoring the Heart of our Father Mother God in this Great Awakening time on earth.

To our indigenous ancestors and those here now on Mother Earth, I love you, I  thank you.  

Follow your heart call with dignity, strength and serenity. 

Rise above all adversity.  

Believe in yourself.

Embrace your traditional ceremonies.

Connect with Mother Earth as your ancestors had many eons ago.

Remember who you are!

No Limits

No Limits

Created with pastels after an afternoon at the beach with our 5 year old grand-daughter.

It does not matter how old we are, I think it is important that we embrace our inner child and remember to play just as the Dolphin plays, has no limits, is FREE and always smiling.



In 2016 I was listening to a talk by Diana Cooper, my ears pricked when she spoke about each of us having our own Dragon.  

The elemental kingdom wishes to connect with each and every one of us.  

Once again I felt excited and began the journey of connecting with my Fire Dragon, Illuminus.

I have always been drawn to fire, maybe because I am a fire sign?  

Illuminus (bright, clear) came to me at different stages of my growth throughout 2016 to 2018.  First her name, then her eyes and the rest unfolded as our connection became stronger.

I recall being on the back of my husbands motorbike, coincidentally nicknamed 'Fire Dragon' because of the custom flames on it and the power of the bike, well rocket is more like it, is incredible.  

By the way, I believe in synchronicity and that it is no coincidence that my husband and I met in 2014, I see the pieces of the puzzle coming together and everything is as it should be now.  

When out on the open road I would call upon Illuminus to clear the path ahead and keep us safe along the journey and right before my eyes cars would move aside so we could pass. 

One time I called upon Illuminus to allow me to feel the power of her wings and in an instant my husband would power on, I then spread my arms out to feel the power of the wind as I felt her soar through the air.  

In an instant of thanking and asking Illuminus to slow down, my husband would slow down.  

I know that it is not a coincidence that the responses to my thoughts were instantaneous. 

I know I am safe when I call upon Illuminus.

I am aware that whilst playing the meditation CD; One Step Forward, gifted to me by Jackie Ineson, was not at all coincidental, but all part of a bigger plan.  I would never have thought back then that Illuminus was part of the plan.  

Another CD I would meditate to often in 2017 is Crystalline Activation and St Germains' violet flame of transmutation by Justin Moikeha Asar, everything happens in perfecting timing, it has been an incredible journey.

The very first message written on the canvas it self (now painted over) is Release all fear from thy being, from thy existence.


I am strength and self-confidence

I am crystal clear will.

I call upon Illuminus to clear the path ahead of all lower energies and entities and to be guided by Arch Angel Gabriel.  Visualizing the Rainbow Light restoring everything to its purity.

And So It Is


Quality Wall Art and Prints

Dolphin Delight - No Limits 8 x 24 set of three Canvas Wall Art - ShopVida ShintaraRose Art

This 8 x 24 Set of Three Canvas Print is  available at ShopVida.

Wall Art, poster prints are also available at Zazzle, Saatchi Art and CafePress.

An elegant accessory for any season or style.

shopVida light weight 100% Merino Wool Scarf colour burst Shintararose

Merino Wool, Cashmere and Modal Scarves.

ShopVida pride themselves in Zero Waste - Global Impact. 

Quality Guaranteed.

Designer Clothes

Pegasus Golden Ray Square Glass tray Home Décor ShopVida designed by ShintaraRose

ShopVida has a range of Designer Clothing, Home Décor.

My designs include Artwork created by me, photography and digital design.  Or a mixed media concept.


Designer Apparel and Jewellery

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Whispers in the Wind

Spirit Guidance

  • Empath
  • Clairvoyant
  • Clairsentient
  • Psychic Medium
  • Certified Angel Intuitive

We are all gifted! Have you discovered your psychic gift?

I had a 'light bulb' moment in about 2012 when I was reading about Clairsentients.

I recalled when my Son, Harley, aged about three months was crying in pain with an upset tummy.  It was heartbreaking, so I gently placed my hand over his tummy and asked in my mind (prayed), "please take this pain away from my baby, let me have the pain", it was almost instant Harley settled and the next thing I was doubled up in pain. 

Lesson learnt!!  

Be careful what you ask and how you ask for healing to occur.

Are you sensitive to the energy around you? Do you feel other peoples emotions?

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient

It wasn't until I was is my mid 30's that I started to be drawn to spirit guides, angels and our natural psychic abilities.

My first understanding of clairvoyance, would have been in 2005.  I had misplaced paperwork that had to be lodged that day.  

I searched high and low for about an hour ignoring the visions (in my mind).  The more I searched and argued with the vision - clearly showing me that the paperwork was at the bottom of the bin under a pile of weeds - Me: No, not possible  Why would I throw paperwork as important as that in the bin?.  

I kept searching, the visions becoming more consistent and stronger.

I finally gave into the vision and sure enough under the pile of weeds was the paperwork!!  

So I realise that I have been clairvoyant all my life, I just didn't understand enough about it.

I also learnt that it is best to listen to our inner voice which can be very persistent.  

I was sitting outside under a big shed door that was hitched up with a pole.  I heard a 'Whisper in the Wind', 'you better move the door is going to come down'.

In my ignorance I looked around and thought 'no its not'.

How was this possible? It was a calm day and the pole looked like it was doing its job.  

Again that little voice warned me and I shrugged it off.  The next thing a big gush of wind came up out of no-where, blew the shed door up, the post gave way and hit me on the head. I had to laugh, ok, lesson learnt.

I Love What I Do

What to expect?  

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Healing
  • Guidance
  • Confidentiality

I am a Certified Angel Intuitive/Spiritual Counsellor and healer.

Many times I have had people come to me feeling heavy, distressed, unsure, confused or experiencing loss, some just need validation.

As a reader/healer/psychic I feel the magic of seeing a change in my clients, leaving feeling lighter and more positive about their life.

I love it when spirit flows through me, around me and my clients experience this exciting, overwhelming sensation as well.

Face to Face consultations - bookings are essential.

30 Minutes - $25.00  

60 Minutes - $45.00

Email Consultation $55.00


Kym - Queensland, Australia 2018

I have had several readings with Sabine and the accuracy on things that Sabine has said and predicted have been simply astonishing. I will continue to seek advice and confirmations from Sabine and I would totally recommend to anybody to come have a reading,you will be totally amazed with Sabines gift.

Ziena - Queensland, Australia 2018


Sabine is a compassionate and gifted reader with deep insight and connection to the Divine.  I found that much that was revealed in my reading surfaced over the following weeks.  This was unexpected and caused me to reflect back on Sabines words often.   I highly recommend Sabine for your next reading.