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The story behind the art

Heart Flame Activation

Dr Wayne Dyer, Wishes Fulfilled, Affirmation on canvas, ShintaraRose Art

Inspired by an affirmation that I read in Dr. Wayne W Dyers ˜Wishes Fulfilled' 

I wish to share this Heart Activation Affirmation with you in honor and in loving memory of Dr. Wayne W Dyer.

"Please note this Painting is neither for sale and not available for reproduction".

Inspiration A Gift For All Of Creation

Shintararose Art, Pegasus Vortex, Inspiration a gift for all of Creation Acrylic, contemporary art


Inspired by a vision received during a Mother Earth Healing meditation in 2015.

Painted through intuition.

Blue Ray Beam 2014

ShintaraRose Art,  Blue Ray Beam, Landscape water and mountains, fire beam


In 2014, whilst admiring another sunset at Banksia Beach, Bribie Island,  I witnessed a very unusual activity in the distant skies behind the Glasshouse Mountains. 

A very bright star appeared to the left of the mountains.  

The star separated into three, joined together, separated and joined together one more time, then a streak of bright white light began to descend to the earth, in the meantime this scenario had begun to the right of the mountains.  

As the light got closer to the earth a fireball of light extended down behind the mountain and it appeared to connect with the fireball of light on the right.

As this process completed a blue ray beamed from star to star.  

Lonely Waters

ShintaraRose Art, Lonely Waters, pastel canvas, waterfall


I love nature!!! Inspired by a favourite swimming hole of mine.

Created with pastels capturing serenity Mother Earth offers us.

No Limits

ShintaraRose Art, No Limits, dolphin jumping a wave, pastel art


Created with pastels after an afternoon at the beach with our 5 year old grand-daughter.

It does not matter how old we are, I think it is important that we embrace our inner child and remember to play just as the Dolphin plays, has no limits, is FREE and always smiling.


ShintaraRose Art, Above and Beyond Imagination, Illuminus, Fire, Flame, Violet, Dragon

In 2016 I was listening to a talk by Diana Cooper, my ears pricked when she spoke about each of us having our own Dragon.  

 Feeling excited I began the journey of connecting with my Fire Dragon, Illuminus.


I am strength and self-confidence

I am crystal clear will.

I call upon Illuminus to clear the path ahead of all lower energies and entities and to be guided by Arch Angel Gabriel.  Visualizing the Rainbow Light restoring everything to its purity.

And So It Is

On the Edge


Inspired by the need to create light, energy and flow.  At the time of creating 'On the Edge' I was feeling a little isolated in the artists cyber world. 

Single Vision

Shintararose visual art acrylic canvas panel Single Vision rustic cabin landscape one of three 16x20

One of a series of three

Inspired by the love and connection with horses and the rustic country life.

Single Vision was  a 30 year old broodmare, born with one eye.  Her senses were phenomenal and her healing energy will forever be with me.

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