Inspiration A Gift For All Of Creation

Pegasus Vortex

I chose canvas and acrylics. Truth is, I had no idea what I was doing or how I would create an image received in a vision during meditation.  

I had acrylics left over from doing up the kids furniture, so I thought I would start with what I had.   I guess Pegasus Vortex was an experiment.  As I continued painting I decided to play around with Matisse Impasto Medium to see what effects that would give me and began to experiment with interactive, structure and flow acrylics (Matisse, Atelier). The iridescent colours were gifted by a friend (Jo Sonja's Decorative Painting System).  

As I create I call upon the energy of Pegasus to flow through me.

I love creating detail.

I play inspirational music, mostly Rapture A Healing Gift For Humanity, Native American Earth Drums and meditations while I paint so I feel I work with this energy as well. 

One sunny morning in September 2015 I lay out on the lawn and did a mother earth connection meditation and that was the day I received a vision of Pegasus Vortex, it was a bright sharp vision that took my breath away and I felt inspired to paint my vision onto canvas. The energy of the vortex is healing, calming, cleansing. 

Pegasus is free in spirit, leaving the earthly turmoil behind. 

Pegasus Vortex will always be a masterpiece to me, now glossed, framed (a gift from my eldest son), hangs in my art room, reminding me that when things get tough to not quit.  

Signed and dated 7th March 2017. 

The Healing Journey Is An Inside Job

I have created posters to share with you messages I receive during meditation, whilst I am gardening,  creating art or when I am just being still in nature.

I call this Whispers In The Wind.  My wish is that the messages help you throughout your journey of self discovery, healing and enlightenment.

Rise above all adversiy

Pure in spirit, Pegasus sores freely as he journeys the realms cleansing away impurities.

Pegasus is Integrity, Nobility, Truth, Love and Wisdom.  


Creations from the heart - Above and Beyond Imagination - Whispers In The Wind

I create with the vision to uplift and inspire.  

Personalize your very own Pegasus Vortex baby blanket.

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