Healing Is An Inside Job

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Message From The Soul Within

Message received in 2009/2010 after a Journey session.  The Journey was developed by Brandon Bayes.

A message received during a Journey Healing Session in 2009/2010.

Beautifully designed by my daughter Krystal.

A Life Changing Moment In Honor and Loving Memory of Dr. Wayne Dyer

shintararose I have a burning desire

In April/May 2015, as the challenges of life struck once again I was gifted, by a very close friend, 'Wishes Fulfilled' by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Having struggled with depression for many years, 'A Burning Desire' tugged at my heart strings.

As  I sobbed uncontrollably at the thought of having a higher vision of myself,  I realized that I had come to a place of feeling soul depleted, hopeless and unworthy.

A life changing moment, the gift unlocked.  These words had such an impact on my soul self that I desired to create my first canvas, so I could remember and affirm.  

I am forever grateful to Dr. Wayne Dyer for sharing his wisdom.

With respect to Copyright this first painting is not for sale.  I wish to share only.

Inspiration A Gift For All Of Creation PegasusVortex

'Pegasus Vortex'

Let Go Of Control

Take Things Step By Step

Let Go Of Outcome
Creating Pegasus vortex was an incredible journey of trusting my intuition.

During the month of November 2015  I was laying on the lawn in my backyard doing a Mother Earth Healing meditation, this is when I received a vision of Pegasus Vortex.

After the meditation I sat back in my chair under the patio when I felt my chair move and the sliding door window rattle, the earth gently shook beneath me as I heard the words, 'Thank you we hear you"

Pegasus Vortex took me on a journey of trusting my inner guidance to create a vision into a reality.