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Healing Intention

I recall when my Son, Harley, aged about three months was crying in pain with an upset tummy.  It was heartbreaking, so I gently placed my hand over his tummy and asked in my mind (prayed), "please take this pain away from my baby, let me have the pain", it was almost instant Harley settled and the next thing I was doubled up in pain. 

Lesson learnt!!  

Be careful what you ask and how you ask for healing to occur.

Are you sensitive to the energy around you? Do you feel other peoples emotions?


It wasn't until I was is my mid 30's that I started to be drawn to spirit guides, angels and our natural psychic abilities.

My first understanding of clairvoyance, would have been in 2005.  I had misplaced paperwork that had to be lodged that day.  

I searched high and low for about an hour ignoring the visions (in my mind).  The more I searched and argued with the vision - clearly showing me that the paperwork was at the bottom of the bin under a pile of weeds - Me: No, not possible  Why would I throw paperwork as important as that in the bin?

I kept searching, the visions becoming more consistent and stronger.

I finally gave into the vision and sure enough under the pile of weeds was the paperwork!!  

So I realise that I have been clairvoyant all my life, I just didn't understand enough about it.

I also learnt that it is best to listen to our inner voice which can be very persistent.  

I was sitting outside under a big shed door that was hitched up with a pole.  I heard a 'Whisper in the Wind', 'you better move the door is going to come down'.

In my ignorance I looked around and thought 'no its not'.

How was this possible? It was a calm day and the pole looked like it was doing its job.  

Again that little voice warned me and I shrugged it off.  The next thing a big gush of wind came up out of no-where, blew the shed door up, the post gave way and hit me on the head. I had to laugh, ok, lesson learnt.

I Love What I Do

What to expect?  

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Healing
  • Guidance
  • Confidentiality

I am a Certified Angel Intuitive/Spiritual Counsellor and healer.Many times I have had people come to me feeling heavy, distressed, unsure, confused or experiencing loss, some just need validation.As a reader/healer/psychic I feel the magic of seeing a change in my clients, leaving feeling lighter and more positive about their life.I love it when spirit flows through me, around me and my clients experience this exciting, overwhelming sensation as well.Face to Face consultations - bookings are essential.

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Empath Angel Intuitive

Whispers In The Wind - psychic clairvoyant angel intuitive medium

My wish is that the messages I receive help you throughout your journey of self discovery, healing and enlightenment.

No sugar coating guidance in every aspect of your life.

If you would like to connect in person please click on the link below for upcoming fairs and events.